Thursday, March 27, 2008

Course 3... Cake 1

Yes, I know you know want to open it to see what's inside, but it's a cake!! This is my first ever fondant cake and I'm rather impressed with it. Inside this cute little package lies a banana cake with cream strawberry filling... Yum! I'll be making another in 2 weeks so keep an eye out for it then.

As an interesting somewhat unrelated tidbit: tonight I heard Josh begin to get rather upset as I put Jeremiah to bed in his crib. As I entered his room I find out the problem is he is looking for a particular pair of underpants. "Where are the black underpants??!!" I look down and notice he is wearing a pair of dark navy blue underpants and ask if those were the ones he was looking for. The biggest feeling of relief crossed his face. It was so funny! He was so tired he had put his underpants on then completely forgot he had them there!


Nana said...

Poor guy, some day he will be embarrassed by moments like this but for now it is just relief.

MOM said...

Ok, I was waiting for a post showing Jeremiah enjoying a taste of the cake. Apparently that isnt going to happen. I am sure that yummy looking cake is long gone. You did a great job on it! Can you come here is July and make me one for my birthday?