Sunday, March 9, 2008


So not as much accomplished yesterday. We did finally find the perfect carpet for the living room but that was after a trip to the emergency room. No one has died but Phil is 3 stitches richer due to a light fixture/glass incident. He and Dad were trying to get it apart and it shattered. Apparently it affected me much more then Phillipp. He DROVE his manual car to the hospital while holding the rag in his hand to keep it closed. Me, I sat with him while they numbed it and gave him the stitches. I felt a little woosey so stepped into the hallway and next thing I knew I was on the floor. Of course then I felt terribly stupid as they rushed me into a room to get me water and had Phil (who had just finished getting stitches) comes in laughing at me. Weren't we supposed to be there for him?? Oh my was that every embarrassing!
Anyways, a bit more drywall was done before all that and later went out and found the carpet so those are off the list at least. More to do today so hopefully we'll be taking some other major things off the list making the house ready to sell!

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Ginger said...

The carpet is GORGEOUS! I hope you're taking that with you to your new location.