Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mundane Things

You Are a Chocolate Bunny

A traditionalist, you secretly want to dress up like a bunny. And not just on Easter.

Things are going to be a bit crazy for a bit between just this and that. Cake class, doctor's appointments, work responsibilities for Phil, work stuff for me, Easter... all that stuff. Things here are going well. The weather is warming up some... yes, 40 IS warm for here, thanks for asking. The boys are outgrowing all their clothes and Phil and I are just trying to keep it all together. It's hard maintaining that in love feeling when there are little boys around who need and want constant attention and a billion things on the list of chores and errands that need to be run. Still even after these few years doing just that, there's still no one I'd rather be fighting the battle with then Phil. He really is a great husband and my heart still indisputably belongs to him.
Just a little side note: Josh's Bible verse for AWANA this week is great! This is what Josh says, "John fifteen twelve. I love another as I love you."
John 15:12 "... love one another, as I have loved you." I know he doesn't really get that yet, but what a powerful statement to those of us who can!

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