Wednesday, March 5, 2008

They're Here!

Mom and Dad made it! Their flight was delayed but have been here enjoying thoroughly all the time with our loud, rambunctious little monsters. Joshua is especially glad to have Nana and Papa around since he actually remembers them. We have lots of projects on the docket for this next week but so far the one most important to me has already been accomplished. We finally fixed my fridge! It's not leaking water on the floor every time it defrosts anymore! To top that Mom and I actually took the time to go through and clean everything so it's looking brand new. Got to love that! Hopefully as we get projects done I'll put up a few pictures.

1 comment:

Jacks33 said...

We so happy for you and your parents to be able to make the trip and spend some time together.

we pray that all your task get done quickly and easily so you all can relax and enjoy each other company.

Tell everyone we said Hi, and give the kids a big hug from us.

Love Shirley & Al