Wednesday, March 4, 2009

50's Food

I have a fetish for old style food joints. I have been bummed to not find any sort of classic drive in around here until a couple nights ago when I heard about Doumar's (thanks to Guy Fieti). It was not even a 20 minute drive and oh so tasty! We sat in the truck and ate burgers, hot dogs and even a banana split! I'm such a sap for these places and I have no idea why. There's something nostalgic and historic about the whole thing that makes me feel tied to the generations before me that have eaten at this same place. Well, whatever it is, here are some fun shots from our little outing.
The sign for the place is in the left part of the picture. I just found it hillarious that the Calz Wing delivery truck was at someone else's drive in!
They actually had the things that stuck out the window.

Jeremiah's hot dog was sliced open on a hamburger bun. It took him a minute to get used to the idea, but then ate just about the whole thing!
Josh wanted a picture taken of his "meat cheeseburger" as well.
Mmmmm.... banana split!
So if anyone knows of any other old diners around our area, let me know!

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