Sunday, March 22, 2009

Josh and Soccer

This year has been so great for Josh. He's gotten even more coordinated and I'm so impressed with his endurance! This Saturday it was so cold I held Jeremiah through a majority of his little game. Josh said he wasn't that cold (probably from running around so much) but at least 3 of the other kids from his team gave up and wouldn't play anymore. Josh didn't give up, though! He just kept playing and even made another goal!
He's really starting to be able to keep up with the other kids and try hard to make a goal. He loves being around the other kids and getting to run around. I think he might be the fastest dribbler on our team, which is a pretty big deal since he was one of the slowest on our team last year.
Jeremiah is more then a little jealous and wants a team of his own, but that will have to wait a little bit, although I'm certain he'll do great when it's his time!
Phil wasn't able to come home this weekend so later in the day I was on the phone with him within earshot of Joshua. When I was telling him about his goal and him not giving up, I looked over and saw Josh smiling at me. He is so happy and proud of himself about it. Now I just need to teach him a little dance for when he scores a goal and we'll be set!

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