Monday, March 30, 2009

My Husband the Riverine

Phil is back! For good... well, kinda.
As most of you know, this command that Phil is stationed at is going to be a lot different from what we've been with in the past. So Phil is home... for now. When he will leave again we're not sure. In the mean time, we are so happy to have him home! Phil has graduated from his latest class that officially makes him a Riverine.
To commemorate that I thought I'd share something I just read for the first time with Phil's latest certificate, The Riverine Sailor Creed:

In our nation's time of need, there are Sailors that stand ready... honor bound... to defend freedom. They serve on shallow waters and rivers, around the world, with honor and distinction. I am proud to be one of these Sailors... a Riverine Sailor.

I am a quiet professional; tried, tested and dedicated to achieving excellence in Riverine warfare operations. I am a disciplined, confident and highly motivated warrior.

My honor and integrity are above reproach; my commitment to duty unquestioned and my word trusted. The American people depend on me to execute my mission in a precise and professional, military manner.

I maintain my craft, equipment and myself at the highest possible levels of combat readiness. I set the standard and lead by personal example. I am responsible for my actions and accountable to my shipmates, superiors and the American people.

I am ready for war, but hope for peace. In the event of conflict, I will close and engage the enemy with the full combat power at my disposal. My actions will be decisive, yet measured. I will always complete my mission and do my duty leaving no shipmate behind, dead or alive.

My heritage was born during the revolution that made ours a free nation. The legacy and courage of those warriors who went in harms way before me guides my actions. I shall never forget the selflessness, perseverance and sacrifices made to secure our nations freedom. I will always uphold and maintain the honor of those who fought before me and staunchly protect our proud history.


Mom and Dad said...

Congratulations Phil, we know that you have worked hard to earn this position you now hold. You truly earned this success. We are delighted in this news for you and Nicole! We are so proud of the sailor, husband and father you have become.

Andy & Misty said...

Really glad Phil is home. We've been praying for you guys!