Thursday, March 5, 2009


On KLOVE earlier as the boys and I were driving home, there was a snippet on air about military wives and how their isolation puts them at risk. I had never paired isolation with why I feel so lonely lately. I am constantly around 2 other people, but at 5 and 2, they aren't the best conversationalists yet. I get to talk to Phil every day and see him most weekends, which is a huge blessing that I don't take for granted, but there is something missing in going about your day by day lives together when you're not... well... together. I did a search for articles along these lines and came across a sampling of a book online that is a history of military wives (ending in about 1972, so I'm guessing this was written before I was even born). I haven't read too far into the sample even, but this one little part made me just about cry. Someone understands me!!!
It does take a special kind of woman to be a military wife. She must be a patriot, and a helpmate, lover, comforter and confidante to her husband. As one reads the early diaries or hears the stories of women who have experienced the roller-coaster ups and downs of military life, it becomes clear that the military wife must be courageous and resilient, and have a sense of humor... It is neither an easy life nor one to which all wives can adapt, but those who do are part of a heritage rich in sacrifice, adventure, and fulfillment.

from "Campfollowing," By Betty Sowers Alt, Bonnie Domrose Stone

Okay, so I wanted to quote several paragraphs, but fear the copyright problems that could ensue. I'm not even sure I'll be able to buy this book anymore, but for now it's good to be reminded that I am just one of a long legacy of women who have stood up under these same burdens and succeeded in the end.

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