Saturday, April 4, 2009

At the Game Today

Josh wanted to tell everyone how many goals he made at the game today!

Jeremiah wanted to show you that he could make a goal, too.
Joshua has really changed in his abilities this year. It's like a completely different boy! I can't wait to see how Jeremiah does once he's old enough.

In other news, our truck has started to show more problems again (same as before when I was stuck at Barnes and Noble). Phil is currently at the Nissan dealership and we're hoping and praying they'll be able to diagnose and fix the problem without it putting us in the poor house. Thankfully we didn't have other plans today. Our vehicles have been quite the frustration for us lately. The car needs a new clutch, the truck new brakes, both probably need an oil change, and now this on top of all of that. Life will always be a struggle, right?

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