Friday, April 24, 2009

The Outer Banks, NC

Yesterday we found out Phil would only have to call into work today. I had no idea what all we'd find to do today when we talked about trying to get out of town last night. What a fun day! We headed to the Outer Banks to check it out. This was the boys' first trip to North Carolina.
Our first stop was Currituck Beach Lighthouse. There are several along the Outer Banks and this just happened to be the closest.
Before heading up the 214 stairs, we took a pause for an important lesson in potty history (anything that will encourage Jeremiah to do his business in the potty instead of his britches is worth my while these days!)
We all started out bravely toward the top. Even Jeremiah took the first flight.
Jeremiah got a free ride to the top courtesy of Daddy. Josh and I were not so lucky. We did eventually make it to the top after a few pauses. Jeremiah's flip flops were in my purse so we didn't lose them which is why he's barefoot here.
Just another perspective on how many stairs we climbed.
The boys even got stickers celebrating their achievement.
There were some other historical houses in the area so we went ahead and checked those out. Daddy spotted this great little playground so we took a break for the boys before lunch. Jeremiah is on a "tire swing." It's a horse made out of a tire.
Yep. You guessed it. This is post-lunch after another 1/2 hour drive or so.
We stopped at the Wright Memorial and got to see some replicas of a couple of the Wright brothers planes as they figured out how to make human beings fly. Josh was particularly enamored with the "pretend person."
This is where the first flight happened. I hope they understand the significance of this someday.
The memorial itself was a pretty good trek from where our car was parked. The wind at the top was so strong I had to hold the boys hands for fear that they might fall over. It was a really nice view from the top of this hill, though!
On the way home we stopped at a place we noticed on the way there. Meet Grave Digger, the monster truck.
They were closed by the time we were heading back home, but we could still walk around a few trucks and they even had some animals out that the kids got to observe.
An axle. Can you believe that? The trucks seem so much bigger with two little boys walking underneath barely even having to duck!
From here we just finished up the short drive home. What a day full of fun and adventures and the weekend has only now officially begun!

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