Thursday, April 9, 2009

United in Spirit

Yep... it's another book. I'm only barely into this one but it will take me so long to get through, I might have to buy one for myself. It's a cookbook! A military wife cookbook! Yes, I do think that's about the coolest thing since sliced bread. I wanted to share with you a bit from the front that I found... well, redeeming after the other books I've been going through. Normally I wouldn't copy so much out of a book, but this part is actually copied from someone else. Who, you might ask? "Author Unknown." So, here's to you, Author Unknown! Thanks for making me feel better today!

United in Spirit
We are sisters--bound, not by blood but by unity of spirit . We share many of the same experiences, hopes and fears. You carry some of my thoughts and I some of yours.
You understand the chest I have labeled "Special Memories" that grows heavier and heavier as it is moved from assignment to assignment.
I understand your box marked "Curtains" which contains several different sets, each of which fit one window in all of the U.S. and Europe.
You know what it is like to plant a tree, knowing that someone else will sample its fruit and enjoy its shade.
I know how you paused while hanging a picture in base housing to hear for a moment...
the echoing footsteps of the families who preceded you.
I also know that you never write in your address book in ink.
To us, home is not so much a geographic location as it is a place in our hearts.
The evening news is more then a 30-minute blitz of information;
it is often the compass that directs our lives.
I have stood in your shoes and you in mine on docks, piers, flight lines, and terminals of every description around the world, waving good-bye and whispering a silent prayer.
To us the words "support our troops" are more than a bumper sticker logo.
We wear yellow ribbons around our hearts every day;
because we know that every day a military family is separated by time and distance while that military member stands watch at freedom's door.
We come from all walks of life.
We are homemakers, workers, professionals; and in our number are those who also serve our country on active duty or in the reserves.
We are different and yet we are the same.
Sometimes I see your face in my mirror.
Sometimes you dream my dreams.
So, we come together today to celebrate our similarities and explore our differences in the spirit of friendship and unity. I am honored to count myself among you.
Author Unknown

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