Sunday, April 19, 2009

Catching Up with Old Friends

While we were in Illinois we got to be really good friends with the Meier family. They were supposed to leave Illinois around the same time as us for North Carolina. Unfortunately, with the real estate economy being what it is, they're stuck in Illinois waiting for their house to sell. In the mean time we were lucky enough to be able to meet up with them in Richmond at a children's museum while Lyndsay and the kids were visiting family here in Virginia.
Kaylee had a hard time recognizing the boys at first, but in a few minutes they were all running around playing together like they hadn't missed a beat. Yes, driving 2 1/2 hours in traffic was worth this!
Little baby Logan went from being a little peanut who did little other then sleep and eat is now a little ball of personality. He was a big fan of Phil and is starting to definitely resemble his daddy, Adam (who was working in Kentucky).
It was so hard to say goodbye again. For these friends it's more like a "see you later" though. Eventually their house will sell and they'll settle into North Carolina where it will be much easier for us to go visit.
This is Lyndsay and me. Poor Lyndsay has to go back to Illinois weather tomorrow. She said the grass hasn't even started to green there and while she was here the weather was beautiful!
It was our first trip to Richmond, Virginia's capital. I am sure we'll visit again. It seemed like a nice city.

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