Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter at Our House

Before Easter ever arrived, we found our little dove chicks had made their appearance. They were quite big by the time we saw them so I assume they hatched a while ago. Here's the daddy with the babies this morning. He came around and watched the kids while the mommy took off for a while.
We got an Easter package from Nana (Grandma Valencia in California) for Easter as well. The new legos and bubbles were the favorites, although the candy was a big hit as well. Thanks, Nana!
Then all the family started coming. We are now officially the halfway point between our family in Maryland and North Carolina, so everyone was here for the Easter weekend. The kids had a blast overall, even though the weather didn't completely cooperate.
We did get to hunt eggs outside this year, even though it was a bit chilly. The kids were so stinkin excited!
This one was apparently the hardest to find. Even the oldest of the kids was standing directly in front of it and didn't see it. Jeremiah saved the day and spotted it though couldn't reach it on his own.
Grammy and Papa (Grandparents from Maryland) were happy to help point the kids in the right direction.
We forced them to take a picture together before they were allowed to dive into the treats hidden in the plastic eggs.
It was a great weekend for conversation and card games for the adults as well. I have never seen people get so violent over a spoon!
Jeremiah has been the shier of our two boys for a while now, but he was Mr.Personality by the time everyone had to leave. This is him giving Auntie Dana the look because she stole his "wadderboddle."

Grammy and Papa had to get a picture in with all the kiddos as well. It was a long and great sleep-deprived weekend and I have a feeling this won't be the last one!

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