Friday, June 6, 2008

A Dryer and Our Awesome Neighbors

It's 12:30. The Late Late Show is officially over. I just finished folding the equivalent of 6 loads of laundry... and all of it was completely dry! Last night I won an auction on ebay for a 4/5 year old dryer that was about an hour away for $80. God is good! Everything else I had looked at... even old stuff was over $100! This thing is great and hold 2x what our old dryer would hold! No more clothes in the basement. No more waiting and waiting for clothes to dry during ultra humid, stormy weather. No more worries about having to try and afford a $300 dryer. God is good! Well, He was still good even when my dryer was broken, but you know what I mean.
I thought I'd take a moment to sing the praises of our neighbors as well today. We have the most awesome neighbors anyone could ask for! He has helped with so many projects (I think we still have some of his tools in our garage), she makes the best Mexican food ever, their granddaughter is Joshua's age so they totally understand his less wonderful moments. They love all over Josh and Jeremiah when they see them. So many times they have helped us out in moments when we needed it. They helped bring our new couches in when Jeremiah was dinky and crying all over. They helped Phil get the car out of the snow when I was sick inside with the flu. They watched Josh when I was pregnant with Jeremiah so Phil and I could catch one more movie. Did I mention they make great food?? This is our neighbor and his son-in-law who came to our rescue today when we came home with a truck full of dryer and only one person capable of lifting. Josh went to their house to play with Lizzy for a minute and they came and not only carried our "new" dryer down to our basement, they moved the old one aside and installed the new one so I could use it right away! Don't let the picture mislead you, though. Phil kept getting himself in trouble with everyone trying to do more then he should with his still broken foot. He got up into the truck to try and lift it among other things. He wasn't just sitting back on this trip today. We're so glad he's free of those crutches!
On a side note, what he's wearing is the new Navy PT (physical training) uniform. I think they're pretty cool. Okay, Dr. Phil is on. The line has been drawn in the sand. It's time for bed. Hope you all had as rewarding a day as we did!

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MOM said...

You are so wonderful to share you life with us in this way. SO glad the dryer is in and working. What a deal! Love the photos of the boys at the beach and watching the video of Josh running after the ball. He did such a good job. He is such a goodboy and love being with people. Where did he ever learn to be such a social butterfly? Love the photo of Jeremiah too. Now you need to send me them in large files so I can get them printed. I am so proud of the woman and mom you have become!