Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Cakes?

I thought I had other pictures on the camera that weren't cake-related, but wouldn't you know it? That's all that was there!
In spite of my being sick, believe it or not, the world still moves on! Today was the Wilton Annual Instructor Meeting that I was honored to be a part of (in spite of the fact that I haven't actually taught a class yet). This is the cake we all made. Each looked different, of course, but they gave us each some new tools for free. It was a really fun day! Fortunately I have this great loving husband who is willing to watch the kiddos for the day so I could do this. The ruffle on this cake on the top isn't perfect, but not bad since I was just playing around with the tools Phil got me!Then I got home and moved relatively quickly into preparing for the baby shower tomorrow. Logan's cake turned out pretty cute, I think! I love it when people give me liberty to think of something I want to do for them. Lyndsay pretty much told me to do whatever, so this is what I came up with. If you can't see the sides well, it's grass with flowers and clouds. Very Winnie the Pooh-esque.


Amber said...

You are so talented! I especially love the top one. I'm wondering how I can accomplish something like this for my baby shower! :)

MOM said...

Great job! What is on the side of the peach colored one? The shower cake is so cute. I am sure everything went well and you guys had a great time.

Nicole said...

The sides of the peach colored cake is fondant that has been spread on a mat that leaves the flower pattern on it. A little bit of a pain, but looks cool and I go the pattern mat for free, so can't beat that!