Friday, June 13, 2008

Overwhelmed... In a Different Way

This morning Phil left earlier then me for his physical therapy. I worked on cleaning up a bit, making cupcakes for this weekend, making lunch... the usual stuff. Josh comes running in to me flapping his arms like there was some major thing he needed help with and finally blurts out... "Mom, Mom, Mom! There's a girl in our yard!" Turns out that girl was Lindsey Bycroft... our Senior Associate Pastor's daughter. I had a crew of guys showing up again this morning to work on our garage! Looks like it might storm at some point today, but for now they're out there getting more work done on it. I almost couldn't say anything. What do you say to that?! What a blessing!
I think I might have solved our digging bumblebee problem in the back yard. They had made a home in our play yard and every time I used wood filler to try and keep them out of the holes they dug it out and went right back in! This time I meant business and used nails with big, flat heads. Only one bee tried anything yesterday so hopefully we're done with them for good now!
Still working on finding a new fridge among other miscellaneous projects. We will be able to list this house eventually. In the mean time, it's really nice to feel overwhelmed in a different kind of way today!


Amber said...

It probably sounds a little harsh, but we had bees that made in-ground nests, and my dad had a simple, yet effective way of getting rid of them: gasoline. He would pour the gas in the hole, and light it on fire. Usually he did this at night, so he incinerated the nest and all the bees, but you can accomplish the same thing during the day time, and not have a bee roast. Just a suggestion, but it really works! :)

Mom said...

Wow, what a wonderful surprise. God has truly blessed you and will bless them for the help they are being to you guys.
Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men.
Ephesians 6:7

MOM said...

Did you try the gas idea? Sounds like it would work and the boys would get a kick out of watching it too. Burn Beebee Burn.