Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Few Things from Today

Yes, I stole a picture while they were getting the kids together for the more "official" group shot. They were so cute! Our age frame is 4-6. We love these kids! They're so much fun.
A little bit of an artsy pic of Jeremiah patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for Josh.

Watch through the very end of this video. I just happened to be taking it when Josh had one brief shinning moment leading with the ball! He is #13 if that helps. He was so excited today. He actually got to kick the ball! We love our coaches. They've worked so hard to make sure every kid gets to do something to make them feel important even if they aren't so great. We haven't won a single game but Josh has really blossomed under their coaching this season.

Daddy stayed home to catch a nap, but the boys and I headed to the lake for a bit of a relief from the heat today.
I think this was Jeremiah's first beach trip. A little shoulder sunburn to show for it, but he was so excited by the sand. Water, no so much. It is still pretty cold even though it was hot at the house today. When you get close to the water it's cooler here.
For the most part they played independently, but I love when they do stuff like this.


Mike said...

He would have definitely scored had that ruthless child not taken him down from behind. That should have definitely been an yellow/red/orange/magenta card.

Anne said...

aww bummer! he did a great job while he had the ball!!!