Thursday, June 12, 2008


This seems to be the word of life lately. There are so many things going on to balance. There are all the to-do's that come from just regular life. Renew registration on the car, do the dishes, take out the garbage before the truck gets here. Clean the purple crayon marks off the wall that appeared mysteriously yesterday. Little boys who can't seem to stay well. Then there are work related things like picking up the supplies for the Father's day gift we'll be passing out to the dads on Sunday. For me this goes hand in hand with church commitments... help with the rummage sale this week and K-Town next. There are special fun things like finally getting to go to the new Walmart here in town yesterday. The boys got free t-shirts and are so excited to wear them today! They're from Juicy Juice.

Other fun stuff like working on cake projects coming up...
I'm going to begin teaching Wilton Method classes soon up in Kenosha at Hobby Lobby. I had planned on waiting to pursue this until we moved to Virginia, but the opportunity arose and it makes sense to start it now when I have people I know around me that I can ask for help!

The stuff that is the cherry on this sundae that is always the most overwhelming is the house stuff. We've made some progress lately. We bought a new dryer then it broke so we fixed it (Phil is still definitely my hero, by the way!). Finally got around to finishing the painting project on the hallway floorboards and painted the kitchen ceiling that needed it from when we changed the light fixture in there. There is still so much left until we're ready! Siding on the garage, painting in the basement, a bee issue in the backyard that I only think I've fixed... I guess we'll see later today! There's a fridge that leaks and stairs out front that need to be painted, an oil tank in the basement to remove... the list could go on! We were wanted to list a long time ago but with changing circumstances, we had a bit more time to work with and really needed it!
Things are going just fine. Every time I get this overwhelmed feeling I stop and take a minute to breathe and thank God for all these wonderful things that are in my life right now. I recognize I wouldn't be able to handle all this without His help and take some time to remember that God's strength is made perfect in my weakness. He uses these things that I am certain I can't handle all on my own for His glory if I'd just rely on Him and that wouldn't have it any other way! In the mean time... I need to go take out the garbage.

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Mom said...

I so love you and wish I was closer to help you out with all of these projects. You are my hero. I don't know how do you do it all and be such a good mom and wife too. Keep your focus on God and he will see you through all of this. Just remember to keep the important things at the top of the list. I miss you!