Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One Full Day!

I got a call at work today letting me know we'd have someone coming to look at the house during an hour time frame this evening. Today was already going to be busy, but why shun a good thing? So after work I come home and find this out front-->
Suddenly it's real. Our house is on the market and we have people coming to look at it... today!
On top of that, I have been working for days on a rehearsal dinner cake for our friends. Their rehearsal was today so after a bit of picking up around the house we all packed up in the truck and drove down to deliver their cake. They look so excited and ready for their big day tomorrow. I can't wait to celebrate with them! On our way back from their dinner, I got a call saying we have another person who is going to be looking at the house at the same time! We're skeptically optimistic about the visits today. Still just praying and trusting that the timing will be right for us, whenever the house does sell.

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MOM said...

What a beautiful cake. Is it forget-me-nots on the cake? Os that fondant on top or chocolate ganache? I need to make a cake for next monday with ganache frosting on it. Do you have a recipe you have tried that will work. It is for Kaluah cake for Anne's B Day.
I am happy that you have moved into this stage of selling so you can see what the reaction will be from potential buyers. Our prayers ae with you guys.