Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Crazy Weekend

What a weekend!! 6am Saturday morning our friend Lyndsay had their baby, Logan. This is their 2nd baby born on their due date! Crazy, I know. You can tell they're really happy. Be praying for them since we know from experience that the transformation for a 3 person family to 4 can be rocky at times.

After visiting with them we headed to Sarai's 2nd birthday party. Bounce houses are a beautiful thing. Jeremiah crashed on the way home and Josh was very soon after landing in bed.
Today was somewhat business as usual until this afternoon when Damon (who Phil works with) called and asked if we were ready to do our tattoos. He had a cancellation so had time to do ours today. Yay! I figured it'd be easier if I didn't have days to get worked up about it, so we did it. Hours later we're both finally finished. We're going to touch mine up a bit later (when I'm not dying in pain already). This being my 2nd tattoo, I'd definitely recommend avoiding the rib cage area. Definitely more painful then the back in my experience. Phil has plans in the works for a few more before he leaves (since he can get them much less expensive through our experienced friend). I'll put up pictures as his latest art expression develops. In the mean time, here is what we finished today:

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