Sunday, May 31, 2009

Josh's Crazy Genuis

I know, I know. Teaching a 5 year old multiplication? Questionable parenting practices at best. See, the thing is, though, that my kid is different. Well, they both are. You just notice it in Joshua because he's a little older. He isn't even 5 1/2 yet. He reads like a champ already and has been doing addition and subtraction long enough to be a little bored with it. We've touched on place value but the thing he was most interested in next was multiplication so we started to teach him a little about it tonight. He has really started to run with the idea of it, which again is just blowing us away...
In all fairness, Jeremiah is exhibiting quite a bit of an early start with letters and numbers. He's familiar with all the letters of the alphabet and can count up to 10 and is really excelling in speaking in sentences. I promise I'm not really feeding them anything special or anything. They're just special kids... and I think that is awesome! I'm expecting that at some point they'll even out with the learning curve of the other kids their age. In the mean time, it's really fun teaching them all these new things and watching their perspective of the world change as they understand it more.


Mom said...

Good job Josh! I thought he was doing so well sounding out words when reading harder books but he diffenently has a thing for numbers, and he does it in his head. How is Jeremiah doing on his potty chart?

Amber said...

Very cool! You have a talented young man there!