Sunday, May 17, 2009

Poo Poo in the Potty

I think I can officially say that we're "potty training" now. With Joshua I read some book about potty training that encouraged you to start when they were a year old, introducing the potty because kids naturally want to potty train, right? Yeah... not so much. So I decided to try and potty train him young. Would you believe that he didn't actually decide to really get going with the idea until after he turned 3? At a completely developmentally appropriate age? I know. It was my first time and I was hoping we could get him out of diapers before Jeremiah came along. His mind and body had other ideas and just wasn't ready on my schedule.
Being much more relaxed this time around, we started introducing the potty with Jeremiah not too long after we moved into the house here. He wasn't ready and this time I fully expected that. Now with a little encouragement from Daddy and Elmo, we're officially heading in the right direction. Last week when Jeremiah told me ahead of time that he need to do #2 and we made it to the potty, I decided to set up a little rewards program for him. Each time we make it to the potty we get a star. 6 stars means he gets to pick out a toy from the dollar store. Fortunately for me he's not old enough to see this as cheap yet. Tonight we filled in our 6th star. Way to go, Jeremiah! Tomorrow morning we'll be off to the dollar store!


Ginger said...

How exciting! Love the chart. You can't miss those stars. :)

Amber said...

YES! Way to go buddy! And btw, I think I know which fab cake decorator made that lovely handwriting on his chart... :)