Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Morning at the Beach

When our initial plans for the morning fell through, we decided that since we were out, it would be a good time to enjoy a walk on the beach (the first for the boys and I since we've been here). This is the beach Phil has had to do PT (physical training) on for the last few weeks.
There's this really interesting area with all sorts of bricks and metal almost like a ship or building has been just decomposing there for decades. I found it completely intriguing.

We're gearing up for a pretty busy week. Phil's squadron will finally be returning from Iraq so we're doing all we can to help with the homecoming. My folks are coming in for a visit. It'll be their first time to visit here in Virginia. We'll be taking a trip to Williamsburg and DC and just enjoying having time together. They boys are so excited they're counting down. I think it's the first thing I hear every morning. According to Jeremiah, "Be very, very happy when Nana Papa come!!" Me too, buddy!

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