Sunday, May 3, 2009

Strawberry Picking

This is one of my all time favorite things to do. The season starts here earlier and lasts longer, which is good news for me! We decided to head out this evening to pick some of our own strawberries at Cullipher Farm. We went home with way more then this!
Last year when we went it had been a bad season so it took us a good hour to pick enough little tiny strawberries to fill their basket. This year they are big and fat and flavorful. We weren't there very long before we had enough in our bucket that we knew we needed to stop.
The boys are getting better at these things and I'm grateful for their independence.
We also got to bring Daddy along to help.
Now to decide... what to make with all those strawberries???


Ginger said...

SHORTCAKE, of course!!!!

You're giving your sons such rich experiences, Nicole! I love watching all your adventures.

Nicole said...

Thanks, Ginger!