Thursday, May 28, 2009

Williamsburg and Washington, DC

As I wrote earlier, while my folks were here we took a drive up to DC and Williamsburg...
Joshua sucking on a licorice root. Very colonial, I think.

We did see a few things here but just didn't take very many pictures. The next day we were on our way to DC.
We booked a room at a military hotel of sorts that required us to check in on one base then drive to another. Odd, I know. Fortunately the first base we stopped at had a side entrance to Arlington National Cemetery! We were able to park and walk in without fighting for a parking space.
The changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
After stopping off at the hotel we headed out to see what we could find. As it got darker, Joshua noticed the Washington Monument, but he doesn't call it that. To him it's a big giant robot. He came to this conclusion based on the evidence of the glowing red eyes that flashed at the top (you can see the two little squares in this picture).
We just happened across Ford's theater and the house where Lincoln died while trying to locate some food. Not so easy when it's 7-ish on a Sunday night, believe it or not!
On the walk back to the vehicles, we stopped by the Navy memorial because I wanted to see the Lone Sailor statue. We just happened across this little marker that we found significant. It's for the US Navy River Operations in Vietnam (ie the first Riverines ever).
This is outside the hotel we stayed at on the base. It was really pretty beautiful even though the A/C didn't work in my parents room.
We found the Smithsonians first. This is the National Air and Space Museum. Jeremiah has decided he's going to be an astronaut, just to let you all know.

This is the 4 of us in thermo imaging.
Phil and the boys staring at some guys hind end...
We've been to DC a couple times before but always seemed to miss this memorial so it was on my "must see" list this time around. I'm so glad we went!

This is from the top of the Lincoln Memorial looking at the reflecting pool and the Washington Monument.
Us and the big guy.
Bonus points to the one who figures out what Josh is trying to show you.
Next up was the Vietnam War Memorial. Can you believe it took them 10 years after the war ended for them to put this up? Memorial day was the perfect day to visit here.

After taking in a few more sites we ventured back to the Museum of Natural history for the boys. Jeremiah has a particular affection for dinosaurs so we wanted to make sure we got here for him.
DINOSAUR!!!! He said that like... I don't know... 50 million times while we walked through this area.
Fossil Lab. They labeled it for you, really.
Shark teeth. Josh needs to get a few more to catch up.
Anything you can do, I can do better, Josh.
Jeremiah the tiger. Rarrrrr....
Riding on Papa's shoulders seems to be a really exciting place to be if you're 2.
Phil keeping the trip lively. Waaaaay back there is the capital building.
I'm sure we'll visit again. We still have some other things we'd like to do in this great city. I love living near here!

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Jake Gehret said...

Lincoln Memorial on the back of a penny whilst standing in front of the monetary symbol's root object. I'll take my bonus points now please. Or can i trade them in for a session of verbal sparring with Josh?