Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Visit with my Folks

We were fortunate enough to have my folks around for about a week until just yesterday. We had such a great time! I know these pictures make it look like my mom is the only one who visited, but I assure you it's for two very good reasons. One is most often my Mom tosses the camera at my Dad when it's just the two of them and the second is because my Dad spent most of his time working on projects around our house. Mom spent her time keeping the boys out of the way so we could finish them. This time around we installed 2 ceiling lights, a ceiling fan, a remote for the one ceiling fan we already had, fixed my piano, rewired the switches so they controlled the light fixtures as opposed to just outlets, replaced our wet bar faucet that has leaked since we moved in... and more smaller stuff. We kept him busy!

Phil and I were even able to get away overnight while they were here which hasn't happened in... well... years!

We also took a trip to Williamsburg and Washington, DC while they were here. It was the boys' first time to go. I'll post pictures from that trip later.

The boys have a really good time with my parents when we visit together.
I think our only consolation with them leaving this time was the knowledge that we'll see them again in California in September. The countdown has already begun!

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