Thursday, August 26, 2010

Almost Leaving Tulsa

The next few days of our trip were pretty peaceful. The boys picked out some more flowers to take to Auntie Verna.

We celebrated my birthday.

It was a good day, even though it was spent without my hubby. I was treated to breakfast and lunch. I was able to talk to Phil for a while. We visited a museum that was one of my favorites from our trip. I couldn't have asked for a nicer birthday.
 The day before we left Tulsa, we took a trip out to see Uncle Tyler at work.
 Since Uncle Tyler works at a garage, this was the next best thing to a candy store for the boys.

So many cars, so many tools, so many machines!
 Tyler barely had the time and patience to give answers to all the questions!

We went out to lunch together and the boys fought over his ballcap. When we took Tyler back to work he got the boys one of their own. Now the boys wear it about every other day.
The boys really miss Uncle Tyler and talk about him often. We did more this day of our trip but we took so many pictures I'll have to save that for another post another day.

In a bit of a real time update, we're almost at the end of our first week of homeschooling. This week has been an adventure in and of itself and the learning curve is still really high for me. I'll put up some pictures as updates about this once I finally get all these updates from our trip caught up. I promise I'll get caught up eventually!

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