Friday, August 27, 2010

Leaving Tulsa

The day before we departed from Tulsa we had a lot of catching up to do! I had several things on my list to see before we could leave. First came the big hands.
 These are at Oral Roberts University. Not a fan or anything but I thought the hands were really neat!

Then there was the fact that we were driving on Route 66 quite a lot down there. I wanted to commemorate it for them. It might not be from that long ago, but it's still a part of history.

Then there's the Tulsa oil driller guy. Not sure what he's called but he's HUGE!

Then there was the water park we had talked about taking them to over and over during the trip.
 We probably could have stayed here all day but it was so hot that even in the shade the grown ups were miserable! Jeremiah even let go of his reluctance a bit and got wet from head to toe!

We also got one last fishing trip in. The boys loved fishing! Uncle Randy taught me how to take a fish off the hook and everything!

We caught a bunch more fish... none of which came home with us!
 Then there were the boys with their blue eyes, long eyelashes and cute smiles. I love these boys!
Then the next day we had to really leave.

We took some pictures with Auntie Verna and Uncle Randy (who, to clarify, are actually Phil's Aunt and Uncle).

Even got a picture of just the two of them. They're so cute and we love them and miss them. However, we had a dog and a house waiting for us so we drove away.
Joshua cried the first 20 minutes of our trip. Talk about heart-wrenching! We were, however, still headed for Little Rock.

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