Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 9: Ice Cream and Bass Pro

For the record: I'm still catching up from the trip. This happened on 7/29.

Feeling only slightly better, we headed out to our scheduled tour of the Blue Bell ice cream factory.

It was so neat! There aren't any cows there but they do have lots and lots of milk to make lots and lots of ice cream!

We couldn't take any pictures in the factory so you'll have to settle for one of us enjoying some of their ice cream afterward. Please notice Jeremiah's way of eating it.

We had some time afterward before it was time for lunch so we took the boys to Bass Pro on the way back to town. I'll save you all the pictures I took of the boys on all sorts of different outdoor equipment. I will show you this, though. They have a new thing for Buffalo. We read a book from the Magic Treehouse series about buffalo when we first got there, and then found lots of cool things about buffalo while we were there. This was probably the most memorable.

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