Friday, August 27, 2010

Little Rock

Did you know there's next to nothing to do in Little Rock?? I do! Well... now I do. We did the 2 things I found tempting in the area.
 As soon as we got into town we visited the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum.

It was pretty neat, actually! Both boys sat in the President's chair and acted as leaders of other important parts of our government. (In case you're wondering, I did tell him to put his feet down... right after I took the picture).
The saw a reproduction of the Oval Office.

Then the highlight of the day... the shuttle ride.

You have to ride a shuttle to the gift shop (or drive, but it's so close it's silly. Not really a safe place to walk, though, given the traffic). Josh asked to ride in the front. Are my boys really old enough to ask to do these things?? I could hardly believe it! But I let him anyway. Part of the process of gradually letting go, I guess. After shuttling back to our car, being disappointed by our completely melted gummy worms, we headed to the hotel for the night.
 The next day was one of the highlights of our trip! TheMuseum of Discovery.
 I'm pretty sure whoever set up this museum had the boys and I in mind. We could have easily spent a couple days working our way through this one museum.
 We were limited to our 2 hour parking spot and still had hours of driving ahead of us that day,...
... so we didn't get to do and see everything.

But with that we left Little Rock and headed toward Tennessee... Nashville and stardom! Or not. But you know, a girl can dream.

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