Wednesday, May 28, 2008

5 Years and a Little Paint

Things have seemed so crazy around here lately. Someday things will go back to being a little more normal and boring, but for now, it seems like everyday something new is happening! I completely forgot to mention in my post from this weekend that Phil and I also celebrated our 5th anniversary on Friday. Our friend, Ramona, volunteered to watch the boys for us (I didn't even have to ask!) so we got to see Indiana Jones and go have dinner. Even though Phil hadn't been feeling well, we still had a good time being able to see a movie we were looking forward to and have time to sit and enjoy each other's company without all the constant distraction that comes with eating with two young ones.
House projects are coming along slowly but surely. Our friend Matt helped me take a two-truck-full load to the dump so we have gotten rid of a LOT of the old siding from the garage. I think we can get rid of the rest in our garbage can over the next couple weeks. Since there's not much else I can do on the garage without help, I've resigned myself to the majorly laborious work that awaited me in the basement. I've finally finished sanding the putty on the drywall tape and started painting. I'm using a heavy duty primer and even with that it seems it will need more then one coat. I'm starting to think this house might just kill me! There's a LOT more to do down there, but in the mean time, here is one before/after set to give you an idea of the change happening down there.
Hopefully you can see past the old couch and whatnot down there.
In other news, please be praying for Phil's foot. He has an appointment on Friday. He is experiencing some swelling still but we're really hoping he'll at least be free of the whole cast and able to drive himself. With all these projects and the upcoming job, we have been praying quite a bit for his foot to heal properly and in good time.
Tomorrow and Friday our friends Al and Tim will be back to help work more on the garage so hopefully soon I'll have some new pictures with more progress!

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