Sunday, May 25, 2008


This weekend we went to Burlington, Wi for Chocolatefest. We at lots of chocolate and got a teensy bit sunburned. Overall, it is good to finally be able to run around outside and not get frostbite!!

Chocolate water... um... not so good, Mommy.
The theme this year was Pirates of the Chocolate Be'an
Josh rode bumper cars for the first time ever! Spun a lot of circles and spent a lot of time against the wall, but he loved it!
He picked out this ride even after Mommy tried to convince him it went very high ...
Lisa giving Jeremiah his own free ride!
Big old Army truck at the recruiting booth. Um... no. Not yet, buddy!
Afterward we had dinner at our friends campsite.
Jeremiah in the campfire.To complete the event, I made a dark chocolate cheese cake tonight. It was so rich, neither of the boys finished their small pieces!

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Anne said...

Chocolate Water still grosses me out! :)