Wednesday, May 7, 2008

AWANA cupcakes

AWANA is winding down for this school year. I know Josh will be so upset when he realizes we won't be coming back. Next week is the last week and it's just the awards ceremony. To commemorate the last week of actual class, we made these little mini cupcakes for Josh's class of Cubbies. Took a little work, but Josh said, " Look it's like Cubbie Bear" (the main character in their stories). Hopefully the other kids will like them just as much!

After note: The kids and adults all loved them! I made over 40 of these little guys and came home with an empty platter. In this pic are all the cubbies that were there last week. Jeremiah is closest to the camera and Josh is the one getting help to wipe up some spilled juice. I'll try to get a better picture of Josh in his cute little vest with all his badges next week. He really loves putting that thing on each week.

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Love You MORE! said...

These all turned out so cute. You never said how the kids liked them. I am sure Josh was very proud that his mommy made them for his class.