Wednesday, May 21, 2008

White Boogers

Joshua has been feeling better, thank goodness! His fever broke on Saturday afternoon and spent a couple days slowly recovering back to our normal bundle of unbridled energy. Much to my dismay, Jeremiah woke up this morning with a bonafide fever of his own. I keep hoping it is just teething even though it's really too high for that. I guess we'll see in the next 24 hours what develops. In the mean time, the pink eye didn't pass along to anyone at least!
Despite all the craziness in our house, I spent some time trying to sand the drywall putty in the basement last night. I figure I finished up about half of it. I was completely covered in white dust! I usually don't put pictures up of myself, but had Phil take this for my Mom, so I thought I'd share it at least. I still have to finish up the sanding and paint everything but the floor down there, so I have lots more of this look coming to me!

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Mom said...

Thanks for sharing. Since you have such yucky weather still at least you are able to get something done down there.