Saturday, May 31, 2008


This weekend so far has been immense for Phil and myself!

Last night was the spaghetti dinner fundraiser for the junior mission trip this year. We went and took the boys and even made brownies to help out. We had a good time and felt so at home with our little church family.

I woke up this morning realizing Joshua had been up a while, but instead of waking me up, saw I was sleeping and went back to his room to play for a while. This hasn't ever happened before! Phil got up and was able to take a shower! It has been 5 weeks since he was able to stand in the shower because of his cast. Yesterday they cut it off. His foot is still broken (which was disappointing) but they were able to put him in a walking cast that he can take off. He can drive now and shower and scratch his ankle if it itches. What a blessing!

I went out to get donuts and a case of bottled water since we had a huge group of people coming to our house to help us get the new siding up. We had to leave early because of Josh's soccer game, but they stayed and got so much done! How could we ever repay that?! The garage looks so different and it will help the house sell so much more quickly which means wonders for us personally. What could we ever do to pay all of that back?? Nothing. So, a huge thank you to Al, Tim, Kurt, Andy, Jeff, Mike, Pete, Amanda and their boys!

Then we headed down to Josh's soccer game. He blew everyone away today!! He got in the way to defend the ball and actually kept up with the other kids and played so hard. There was even one time when all the other parents from our team looked at Phil and I and asked if we saw what Josh had just done. He changed so much in the 2 weeks since the last game he got to play!

We headed down to the Cardboard Boat Regatta that Phil's "ship" took part in. For some odd reason they decided to call the barracks here "ships" so he is currently working for the USS Wisconsin even though it is a building and not all that near the water. All that was to explain that each of the different barracks buildings put together a boat from cardboard and duct tape to race in this event. I'm pretty sure our boat didn't win, but boy did it look cool!

We came home to find everyone gone and so much progress on our garage!! Yes, I do realize I have to paint the door back there now. One project at a time! Well, actually we have several going right now... but all the more reason to not jump into that one quite yet.

We also go to go to Carriebeth's graduation party. She's the one who has been watching the boys during my working hours. The boys love her! Every day they are so excited to see her and never want to take her home.

All of this today has just made me so grateful for this life. Things are hard a lot. The fridge still leaks, the dryer still isn't drying our clothes, there is still a lot of work to do on the house, and I'm still homesick for Northern California but... the boys have been great today, the sun has finally decided to make an appearance in Illinois and we had a lot of really great things to do! Makes me feel like things will eventually all work out and we'll be able to move on to our new duty station.

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Anne said...

Wow! Looks like a busy weekend! Its awesome that others could help! The garage looks awesome!