Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Sailor

For Mother's Day Phil got me a few military wife related things. One is a magazine subscription and the other two are books. I've started to delve into the first called, "The Homefront Club." It's been moving and challenging making me laugh and be frustrated all within the first 15 pages! It's so refreshing to hear from a veteran military wife. Sometimes these voices all around talking about how hard this must be or how they could never do it can be disheartening. People get out all the time because it's so hard to find a balance between being a military family and being strong Christians or being a military guy and being a good dad. Unfortunately this discovery often leads to tones in conversation that come across as if it is impossible to be done, when in truth, it's not. Is it hard? Yes. Is it worth it? We think so... so far, at least. Phil has been in almost 9 years so far (almost halfway to retirement) and we've been doing the military thing as a couple for almost 7 (counting the couple years we spent engaged). You would think by now we'd have it down, but with new duty station and advancements and more kids comes different roles and perspectives and challenges. I'll probably be spending quite a bit of time thinking about all this coming up as I traverse these new books but for now, I just wanted to share my favorite quote from this first one so far:
"There is nothing easy about military life. But it's worth it for a worthy man. One who is kind, loving, hard-working , responsible. You can't commit yourself or your children to a life like this for anyone less."

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