Monday, July 7, 2008

Fruits of the Season

Andy and Misty Kuhn were nice enough to let us raid the berries in their backyard today. The boys loved picking the little blackberries off the bushes. Seemed like a perfect thing to do on a hot summer day. Thanks, guys!


MOM said...

What cute photos of the boys picking berries. I got to try some new berries at Bryan & Anya's new home. Never had golden raspberries before. There was another form of raspberry that was softer than what I am use to but pretty tasty. The Rainer cherry tree had some ripe cherries while we were there also. They were waiting for the cherries to turn red and didn't realize that they were the kind that don't turn bright red. Once they realized that we were eating them. Yum! Their dog Cocoa liked them too and he even spit out the seeds. Missed you guys and wished you could have been there like last summer.

Eskai said...

Next time you come to the Kuhn's to pick berries, let me know! We live right down the street from them :-) We could let the kiddos play and do lunch!