Sunday, July 13, 2008

Some Down Time... Kind Of

Yesterday was the first Saturday since winter we had absolutely nothing to do. We took some well needed down time and didn't even leave the house. Talk about reducing your carbon footprint! I love that we always have something to do, but with everything going on lately, having a day to just relax and hang out felt so good. I even made muffins!
Part of why this day of rest felt so good was due to some news we got on Friday. It was not surprising news. I'd venture to say I even somewhat expected it. It's not really anything I can post up here, but it involves details on when we can expect to have to be apart. Because of this news we've now moved into a new stage of trying to decide whether we'll be even listing the house to try and sell it this year or having the boys and I stay here until next Spring. Please be praying for us as we make this really important decision and all the plans that ultimately will follow. We really need God's guidance and peace through all this!

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MOM said...

Yes, we certainly will. I'm proud of how well you are coping. You may be far away, but you are close in my heart and prayers.