Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trying Something New

Last night I made my own fondant. Not the hugely complicated stuff, but marshmallow fondant. I have read that it tastes considerably better then the regular stuff, so I thought I would try it since I was making a birthday cake for a friend. This is a simple yellow cake with peach and strawberry filling and marshmallow fondant, of course. With that I made the flowers around the base, the three on top as well as the leaves. The flower centers are buttercream. I found it very similar to regular fondant but with a slightly different feel. It is considerably cheaper to make then the fondant you buy in the store, so I was so grateful to find a suitable substitute for that. Sorry Wilton! Happy Birthday, Lyndsay!


Ginger said...

You have such an AMAZING talent, Nicole. I love seeing all the cakes you make and decorate. And are you getting any income from this gift? :) (I do recall that you're teaching a class...)

MOM said...

What a beautiful cake. I am glad you are trying different ideas because that will help your students be willing to venture out also. Good Job!