Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Peaches and Pickles

The cake of the day today was another one for a staff birthday get together at my work. Peach cake with peach filler between layers and whipped icing on the outside. It's the first time I made that icing. Had to try twice since I ended up with something resembling butter first time around. Peaches are my favorite part of this season. The cake was great today!
Things around here lately have been... well... difficult. We spoke with 2 realtors and I think we've decided to go ahead and try to list the house for sale this year and leave it in God's hands after that. If it sells, the boys and I will move ahead to Virginia. If it doesn't, we'll stay here until it does. One more decision down... so many more to come!


MOM said...

Yep, whip cream too long and you get sweet butter. The cake looks yummy. I was eating a peach the other day and thought of you. :-)

Anne said...

That looks awesome! We are praying for you guys! Love ya!