Sunday, July 6, 2008

Surrogate Family

With all that said yesterday about the loneliness of military life, today was quite full with friends and good times. Church was this morning which is always a great time for us to connect with friends. We usually end up leaving service a little late since we're enjoying time at the cafe' chatting. Then it was off to the parents house of our friend Eric about an hour north into Wisconsin. Navy friends and their family have a way of making us feel more at home even though we're not actually related. They understand we're far away from our biological family so they take us in as one of their own for a day. We had the pleasure of enjoying good company, dealing with, count them. THREE poop explosions in one day, and Josh even learned to swim a little! He was jumping off the diving board into the deep end only an hour or so after very tentatively walking around the shallow end. He said he wants to do it again tomorrow. He also made sure everyone knew how much he liked the pool. Maybe he will learn how to swim after all!
A little something that made us both kinda laugh on the way home...

Oh! And here is a before/after shot of the painting I was able to finish in the basement last night while Phil had duty. Just about done with walls now and still have the rest of the ceiling to go... one step at a time, right??


MOM said...

Wow, the basement is coming along well and I am sure you are thankful for every step of the way. Love the barn photo. I wonder if they have any idea how they are impacting the world with a smile.

MOM said...

How cool that you have a family that is willing to be there when we can't, although I am a little jealous. You are so blessed with that.Just know that it is no easier for us being so far away from you. We do understand the decisions you all have made and are making.
Josh looks like he was really enjoying the pool. Good for him to be so brave and jump. He knew he would be safe. What a wonderful family to open up their home for your family.