Thursday, October 16, 2008


Day 1 (or should I say Night 1) of our road trip
We have finished the pack out and handed over possession of the house. It feels pretty good to have all of that done... even though we can't seem to find Jeremiah's pillow anywhere! What a day it's been! Packers at the house literally all day long, picking up my mom from the airport, signing a billion papers then cleaning every corner to make things easier on the people moving in. Packing up our truck hoping everything would fit... then saying goodbye to some close friends.
This is me and Anne
Matt ran around with the boys in a VERY empty living room. We're going to miss them so much!!
Then we stopped to say goodbye to our neighbors. Josh and Lizzy are best pals and have played together a lot since we moved in. Lizzy will be moving to Texas on Friday. It was nice for Josh to hear about someone else moving as well, I think.

We finally got on the road and are now in Chicago. Tomorrow we'll be seeing a few sites and getting on the road to try and make some progress on this immense trip! In our attempt to find a hotel near some of the sites... we got crazy lost... even with a navigation system (which is actually the one at fault... I take no blame at all!) I think this is my favorite Chicago picture I've taken so far. Very Batman-esque!

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Amber said...

LOVE the Chicago picture. I was just there in July. What a beautiful city.