Sunday, October 19, 2008

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Boyd's Bear Country in Gettysburg

We built bears for Daddy (the pirate one) and Papa Valencia
We visited an Amish Farm and House museum that just happened to be right next to Target. I found that ironic.
Trying out the buggy
Some Amish towns... don't think I really need to say anything.
See the buggy? Going through the intersection with the other cars. Not the fastest mode of transportation I've seen. Couldn't get the girls in the back in time. They were wearing the plain outfits and bonnets. Very cute!
Finally in Philadelphia!! We were sooo hungry!

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Anne said...

So fun! Love the pic of Jeremiah and the pizza. hahaha! How did you like Gettysburgh? I know you were looking forward to that.

MISS YOU GUYS! Matt can't keep talking about the boys. :)