Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rainforest Cafe

I've been doing some reading about helping children adapt well during deployment. One of the things they emphasize is keeping normal routines... which is a little impossible at this point for us. We do breakfast, lunch, naptime, dinner and bedtime but just about everything else is different! The only reaction I've seen from the boys is them being more wild then normal the past few days. Yesterday seemed better and they are doing really well this morning. With thinking about all this and realizing how hard this has to be on them, we decided to do something special and exciting last night. We took a trip to Rainforest Cafe. Josh said it was the best dinner ever! Grilled cheese and chicken nuggets are best served among interesting sights and sounds... and of course huge moving animals. This morning I intend to take a more relaxed pace with things since we have another couple crazy mornings ahead of us.

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