Friday, October 17, 2008


Today we have driven through 4 states and logged quite a few more hours on the road. We've made it to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for the night. The route we took weaved us through Ohio, West Virginia, then Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and finally back into Pennsylvania. It was quite the interesting trip! We'll get up and tour some in Gettysburg tomorrow. The other legs of our trip are all just a few hours a piece, so the majority of our driving time is behind us. In the mean time, the views along the way today were gorgeous! These pictures don't do them any justice, but it's just an idea. Everything from deep burgundy to evergreen and bright coppers and gold that glowed in the sun. We could not be taking this trip at a better time of year!


Kaci said...

You guys are making some excellent time! It's absolutely gorgeous here too, all the colors are fabulous!

Amber said...

I remember those colors on the East coastline. My favs were in upstate New York, and Boston. Absolutely gorgeous, and nothing like we have in the Pac NW!

Enjoy this time. You will look back on it some day as a precious time with your boys. Love all the pics!