Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One Day at a Time

Things lately have been more crazy then just about ever before in my life!
We closed on selling the house yesterday. We were out slightly less money then we thought we would be, so we were very grateful for that! Turns out the people buying our house are really nice and intend to continue working on the house and making it better (which was a real encouragement to me). They also have two sons (much older then ours). It made us feel good that we were able to sell our house to them.
In the midst of all this change and preparation for the move, we've been trying our best to enjoy the beautiful everyday moments that you seem more apt to miss during these times... This is Carriebeth who has been watching the boys this whole year while I worked. They love her so much! It's going to be hard for them when we're not able to have her just come over anymore. They did get to play with her yesterday while we took care of the paperwork. Much more fun to do that then have Mommy and Daddy shushing you and telling you to sit still for almost 3 hours!
The verdict on the costumes: Batman and Superman
I know Elmo and Cookie Monster got the most votes, but we decided we much preferred this option so our vote won! We found Josh's costume the other night and plan to pick up Jeremiah's whenever we can find the right one!

Everyday we have more things to do to get ready to go. We've been trying to take the pace kinda slow to get things together for the sake of the boys and ourselves. We've been making stops for bonding moments along the way. Phil wasn't exactly planning on being in this picture, but I think he makes a nice addition.

The boys are doing okay with everything so far (aside from the lack of sleep). They know Daddy's going on a trip soon and the house stuff will all be packed up and we will be taking a long trip to Virginia. Mostly it's Josh that is understanding all these things. I've found that my being positive about it in my description to him has helped a lot. He seems to think it's a big adventure! It's fun to watch him think about it all. In regards to the move he'll ask questions every now and then. One day we were talking about them packing up our house so someone else can live in our house and we can get a new one (with a new number to boot!), he felt the need to ask if our movers would also be packing the bowls. Then it was, "will they pack up the counters? Will they pack the doors?" Then out of the blue yesterday he was very concerned and asked, "Mommy, are they going to pack all the clocks??" I laughed out loud and assured him they wouldn't miss a single one. Phil will be leaving soon for his trip and we will be starting the process of moving so we will see how he processes all of this as it comes.
My Mom sent me this that she saw in a picture at the post office and I really like it. Helps me remember to be centered on where I should be instead of all this craziness that is trying to steal my attention and my heart.

Military Spouses Prayer
Lord, give me the greatness, and pureness of heart
That I might easily see
The difference between duty to God and Country
And my soldier's love for me
Give me extra understanding Lord
So that deep inside I'll know
When duty calls, no matter when
My soldier will pack and go
Give me tasks I pray oh Lord
That I must do each day
To help those souls less fortunate
And pass time while my soldier's away
Whether duty is on our Homeland soil Or in a foreign land
Keep my soldier safe and warm
And in Your loving hand
And if by chance Lord
Duty requires my soldier be in the field
Please keep the angels close at hand
To be a protective shield
And lastly Lord its patience I need
When deployment becomes quite long
Please comfort me by being there
So for my soldier I will be strong
Give me the knowledge that through my faith
We'll be together again
Spending all eternity
As partners, lovers and friends

By Major James Phillips

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