Thursday, October 30, 2008

Update on Us

Thing here are... well... going. I've picked out my top houses that I liked. Phil will be coming in this weekend so he'll actually be able to look at them. Because of a slight change in potential circumstances we are back at the place of deciding whether to buy or rent again, so hopefully once we get a second look at the top houses our decision will be clearer. Our realtor has been so patient and understanding in all of this with our ups and downs and waiting. We are so grateful for her!
Jeremiah has not been feeling well today, running quite a little fever. Motrin makes him feel a lot better, but keeping up with that with everything going on is not always easy. No other symptoms yet, so we're just trying to keep him comfortable with the fever so his body can fight whatever it's trying to fight.
Tonight I went to my first official FRG (Family Readiness Group) and had some major questions answered by the CMC (Command Master Cheif) and the CO (Commanding Officer) in person. I am so excited! Phil's next school doesn't start until the beginning of January so we'll have him here until then to help us with finding a house and to get settled in as well as enjoying the holidays together before we have to have time apart again. This is HUGE news for us! With his other schools coming up we'll have quite a bit more time apart to look forward to, but for now I'm grateful to know we have a break at least.
Tomorrow is Halloween which both of the boys have really been looking forward to this year. We missed it last year becuase Josh was sick. Please be praying that we all feel up to trick-or-treating.

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Eskai said...

Glad to hear things are coming along and that Phil will be with you guys for the holidays! That's great news :-) Hope that Jeremiah felt better so you guys could get out and do some trick or treating. Thought about you guys tonight when we took Sarai out and wondered it all the costumes arrived in time :-) Know you are all missed and prayed for daily. Happy Halloween!