Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Disney World Day 1

We had a great time surprising the boys with the news. We drew out a pirate map around the house and they discovered "clues" that lead them to this destination...

What a couple days these have been! We drove overnight down here to try and avoid some of the frustration of entertaining two small boys over a 12 1/2 hour drive. All worked relatively as planned until we stopped for breakfast.
Jeremiah has had... well, we'll say a somewhat personal problem that from my understanding is fairly normal, but evidenced itself is a not so normal way that lead us to think he should be seen by a doctor that day. Sorry, I'd be more specific but I don't want him to hate me that much when he's older. So we spent a couple hours of what should have been our first day at the Magic Kingdom in the ER. Lots of fun! Finally we came to the conclusion that it wasn't what we were fearing and we were free to go. The boys had a disrupted night of sleep, Phil didn't sleep at all and I was working on about 1 hour, I think. Fun times.
Finally we checked into our hotel early and headed for the park. Yay! The boys were thrilled! We got to ride the monorail and went in the very front with the driver so they got little "co-pilot" cards to take home with them.
After lunch we met Captain hook and Mr. Smee. Jeremiah was a bit too shy, but had planned to tell them, "I'm a pirate! Arrrrrr!"
I'm starting to like that we can take our own pictures with monuments!
Jeremiah's first time on the tea cups. He did WAY better then I expected!
Yep the pirate thing is really catching on with Jeremiah. I think we might just need to get him this hat...
After we were completely beat we decided to walk through Downtown Disney before heading back to our hotel because we thought it was on the way. Found a Ghiradelli soda fountain and had a sundae. It is a very special occasion that merits dessert before dinner! It was peanut butter and fudge with homemade fudge... Oh wow! Phil asked if it hit the spot. I told him it was more like it hit the spot with a sledge hammer!
Now we've finally had dinner and are off to bed. Hopefully Phil and I can cram two nights of sleep into one night. Tomorrow we'll be heading to the parks again to see all sorts of new and fun things!

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Amber said...

I absolutely LOVE Disney! Have a great time (and glad your little guy is ok... ER visits are NEVER fun, even if it's a false alarm). :)