Thursday, June 18, 2009

Disney World Day 5

Yes, it did take me forever to get the last days worth of pictures up. Sorry about that.
On our last day in Disney we decided to head back to the Magic Kingdom. We had been meaning to get the boys hair trimmed anyway, so we stopped by the Barber Shop on Main St. Good idea!
They're super great with kids... and gave them both a little something extra to enjoy all day long.

Blue and red hair with "Mickey Dust" sprinkled on top.
All of the cast members and lots of just regular people spotted Josh's new do a mile off. He felt like the center of attention all day... and if you were Joshua and 5, that would be just about the best thing that could ever happen to you!
We decided to hit up the kids rides we had missed the other day we were there. The boys loved all of them!
No visit to Mickey's land would be complete without a visit to the head cheese himself, right? When we reflected on our entire trip, both boys said that seeing Mickey was their #1 favorite thing we did.

Check out those storm clouds! It chased a bunch of people out of the park so we had a pretty nice evening on our last day. No, Jeremiah's not distracted here. He was completely asleep! Poor guy. Must be rough, huh?
I love finding random characters the boys don't even really recognize. Good parental fun to be had there.
Our whole trip Joshua kept asking if we were going to go on the carousel so since we ended up with a little extra time on our hands we made sure to get them on it.
Jeremiah got to ride by himself (ie without Mommy holding him on) which was a pretty big deal to him.
Our last ride we went on twice! It's a Buzz Lightyear game where you shoot things for points. Phil got twice the points I did, I think. We all had fun, which was the important part.
So that pretty much concluded our time at Disney. We were up the next morning and on to the rather uneventful drive home. I'm still recuperating from this trip even though the suitcases are unpacked and we're back to dishes and laundry like normal. I think part of me would still rather be in Disney World.

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