Monday, June 29, 2009

North Carolina Family Visit

This weekend we decided to run down to North Carolina for some time with our family down there. Phil's Mom and step-Dad just moved down there near where his sister's family lives. Makes it a one-stop shop for us as far as visiting family goes.

Uncle Adam's birthday is coming up this weekend, so we gave him a little cake love. The kids worked hard on the chocolate one.
Later they all had a good time in the water outside. Jeremiah did try out the slide... one time. It resulted in crying so we felt alright about just letting him hang out in the wading pool after that.
Josh is a much bigger fan of the slide, as you can see.
Dana and I worked on the red velvet one, adding an R2D2 to the top.
Overall it was a great weekend enjoying time with family and time away from the need to call the insurance company every single day. Happy Birthday, Adam!

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